“Priorities for My Next Term”

Senator Bailey – A Respected Leader Focused on Action


Small Business and Farmers Still Need Our Help  

We have fought back the trend of attacking small businesses and agribusinesses thinking they have endless pockets of cash to pay for new regulations, new red-tape, and new taxes.

We have:

  • Stopped new sales tax increases
  • Stopped the creation of carbon, capital gains, and income taxes
  • Stopped a litany of costly environmental regulations


Growth And Transportation – Finding New Strategies

Washington is experiencing a significant rate of growth and will have several thousand new people by the year 2025. We have to prepare for this growth because it is coming and will affect our communities and sate. We have made it a priority to focus on three key areas:

  • Growing the housing supply
  • Holistically improving transportation infrastructure
  • Creating jobs so that people who move here have the opportunity to be productive citizens

Education Funding Issues Still Need Attention

The Supreme Court McCleary decision continues to put pressure on new funding for reducing class size. As we move forward we must focus on providing a world class education for our kids. Better graduation rates, attract and retain high quality teachers, more focus on early learning, more vocational/tech programs and increasing physical activity to reduce obesity are all important initiatives I support.


Higher Ed and the Future

As chair of the Higher Education Committee, we have made significant progress toward making college affordable and accessible by implementing historic tuition cuts of 5-25% at all of our state colleges and universities. I am also pushing for less time to complete a degree program for students looking to graduate early with less debt.