Another Special Session

July 11, 2017

We are well into the third special session of this very long legislative season.  The general budget was passed at the end of the second special session when both parties came to agreement on how education would be funded in order to satisfy the McCleary court decision.  Included in that agreement was bi-partisan support for lowering the B&O tax on businesses throughout the state, similar to that which Boeing has in place.

When the general operating budget bill came to the governor for signature, he elected to veto portions of the B&O tax agreement that ended up putting small business owners in a more precarious position with their ability to keep employees.  We don’t understand why the governor chose to ignore his own party members who agreed to the bill, but he has made getting future agreements more difficult because of trust issues associated with bargaining.

In addition, the capital budget has not been passed due to concerns over related water issues.  Bargaining sessions are ongoing and we hope to have an agreement soon.

As always, please give me your input for how we can make things better for our district and state.  I continue to be honored to serve you.


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