Senate Republican Caucus

November 18, 2017

The Senate Majority Coalition Caucus has returned to being the Senate Republican Caucus.

Five years ago the 23-member Senate Republican Caucus and two Democrat senators joined to take the majority in the Senate.  They took the Majority Coalition Caucus name to reflect the new bipartisan collaboration.

The name change back to the Senate Republican Caucus resulted from the November 8 special election in the 45th district in which a Democrat was elected to the senator position resulting in a shift in majority representation in the Senate.

The transition of committees, office space, committee chairs and policy procedures is taking place, and should be completed by the end of the year.  I will keep you informed of the new Senate matrix when it is finalized.

We can all be proud of the accomplishments of the MCC.  Historic achievements were made in several areas.  Highlights of some of these include:

  • Funding education first in the budget
  • Levy reform
  • Maintaining a 4-year balanced budget, as required by law
  • Making a fourth DUI a felony
  • Expanding access to higher education through the Real HOPE Act
  • Reducing in-state resident tuition at the state’s higher education institutions
  • Prioritizing the needs of disabled Washingtonians with the VIP Act
  • Writing the two most bipartisan operating budgets in the past 60-70 years
  • Passing a $16 billion transportation budget
  • Building up and protecting the “Rainy Day Fund” to protect Washington in the event of an economic downturn

    Stay tuned for updates, not only on current legislation, but our process of retaking the majority in 2018.

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School is Back in Session

August 31, 2017

Schools around the district are returning to the classrooms this week and next. Parents and students alike are welcoming the new school year with all the challenges associated with it, and the opportunities to prepare our next generation for the future.

We are still trying to get decisions made on the Hirst decision, and to pass the Capital Budget.  Negotiations are continuing, and efforts being made to overcome roadblocks that are holding up final passage of both bills.  Keep your inputs and comments coming, not only to me, but to key members of both the House and Senate.

If you haven’t yet signed up for my golf tournament, I encourage you to click on the link and complete the registration information.  We anticipate another fun event, and would love to see you there.



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