School’s Starting Up

It’s that time of year again.  Schools around the district are beginning the new school year this week.  There will be many challenges for students, teachers, administration, and parents in order to ensure the most quality education possible is available.  We all need to be aware that education is a precious gift that enables our great state and country to thrive, and we all should put aside our bickering over those things that have little or no support for our future citizens preparation for the challenges they will face in our communities.

On another note, only two months remain before the general election.  What have you done to make your views known about the candidates and issues that will impact our lives?  Take the time to read about these important issues.  Mark your calendar for a specific time you will sit down and fill out your ballot.  Talk to your neighbors about the importance of exercising our right and responsibility of casting our vote.

And watch out for the kids on the way to school.

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