Primary Election

July 15, 2016


The primary election ballots have been mailed and should be in your hands by now.  As a reminder, Washington State voting is a “top two” system.  That means two candidates, and only two, go forward to the general election.  They can be from any party, or they may be from the same party, or independent.  I urge you to study the issues and return your completed ballot as soon as possible.  Please don’t wait until the last day.  I have two opponents from the Democratic Party; therefore, I need your support to continue on to the general election.  I ask for your support and your vote.  Please mark the box next to my name on the ballot.

Check out my video with testimonials from some wonderful supporters! 

Legislative Issues

While the focus for many seem to be on the upcoming election and the associated campaigns, the majority of my time continues to be working the issues that affect our district and state.  I have had discussions with tribal leaders and property owners regarding the water issues in Skagit county.  The department of Ecology has begun the process of looking at which methods of ensuring sufficient water may be feasible.  Although this won’t provide a unified fix to the problem, it does begin the process and does keep everyone engaged in trying to find an equitable solution.

I continue to meet regularly with the Select Committee on Pension Policy to make recommendations for ensuring our pension system remains strong and is fair to all stake-holders.  We meet monthly in Olympia.  If you have questions you want brought before the committee, please let me know.

I have met several times with groups associated with our higher education system.  We continue to refine the way our students incur obligations regarding their college debt, and have been successful in working with our state colleges and universities to ease, and lower, these obligations.  In addition, we are working the issue of achieving an undergraduate degree in less than 4 years.  This is gaining traction and is getting more positive backing as the discussions continue.

Soon, I will be sending out a newsletter that addresses concerns of veterans.  I serve on the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee, and continue to be a strong advocate of veterans issues.

As always, it is my honor and pleasure to serve as your Senator.  Please continue to keep me informed.


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